Thing #16: Library Thing

Library Thing is another sharing site that I have known about for a few years and even created an account.  The idea of being able to check what I have on my bookshelf (remotely) would have saved me from having multiple copies of a number of titles.  However, I really don’t buy too many books, at least not fiction.  I go to the library…..what a concept!  (An aside–I just laugh when I see these articles about how to save money in this economy.  The suggestion:  Get a library card and save all the money you would have spent on bestsellers!  Where have these people been all this time?)

I do like the features of “if you liked that, try this“, though some of the suggestions seem just a bit off.  And I would probably look through some of the messages posted in the different groups, especially Library Media type folks.  However, I probably would not post what I am reading, at least not my personal leisure reading books.  I’m much too private for that.  I’m more of a lurker and not a sharer on this type of site.

I might show some of my students in the media center the groups and YA suggestions.  Sometimes I get stuck when asked for “more like this one”, especially sci-fi/fantasy which is not my favorite genre.  Nothing like another teen to suggest what to read next!

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